Research Hub

Research Hub and Global Education Centre

A Research Cell has been initiated on January 07 2014 with Thirumathi. Sumathi Krishnaprasad, Secretary & Managing Trustee as the Chair. Dr.J.Manjula has been vested with the power of Director of Research & Collaboration. The Research cell of the college functioning under Dr.P.Thailambal,Dr.N.Lakshmi, Dr.P.Tamizhpavai and Mrs.Angel Joy & Mrs.Kavitha will be co-ordinating with the Research Hub and the following activities would be carried out.

  • A Research Hub to cater to the research needs of staff and students
  • Extend its arm to the neighbouring colleges and independent research scholars
  • Conducting workshops, Seminars, Symposium on grant writing
  • Collaborating with National and International organizations to promote Faculty Exchange
  • Student Exchange
  • Student Overseas Application Centre training for TOFEL/GRE
  • Application submission help
  • And securing assistance from Bank for further studies abroad

Activities of the Centre


Dr.Kathiravan, Associate Professor, Periyar University, Salem as the Chief Guest inaugurated the research hub on 07.01.2014. Thirumathi.Shobana, Chairman of Udumalpet Municipality launched the Research hub LOGO. 130 teaching staff of both aided and unaided were the beneficiaries. The Director J.Manjula appraised the various objectives of the cell. It was briefed that the collaborative work has already been started with University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.

Meeting With the Parents Under the Aegis of Parents Teachers Association

The Parents of first and second UG Physics were invited for a meeting with the Research Hub, Global Education Centre on 10.01.2014.

            Louisville University, Kentucky. Has expressed its desire to invite applications from UG students of Physics to do Masters Programme in areas like Nano Physics, Astro Physics and so on. 20 students with the consent of the parents have evinced interest in appearing for TOEFL as a first step.

            Necessary measures are taken to coach the students for TOEFL examinations and the classes free of cost commenced on 2014. 17 students have enrolled.

            An Extra Ordinary Meeting was conducted for all the first years Dr.Thangam Rangaswamy gave a motivational talk on ‘The Acres of Diamond’ on The Letter of Understanding has been signed between University of Louisville and G.V.G Visalakshi College on 14.01.2014. Thirumathi Sumathi Krishnaprasad. And Dr.Mordean Taylor- Archer.

            UOFL has expressed its willingness to host a Fulbright visiting professor from G.V.G Visalakshi College.

            Dr.Geetha Suresh of Stevenson College, Baltimore is appointed as an International Co-ordinator for G.V.G Visalakshi College, Udumalpet. She would be assisting the college in all its research and collaborative activities.

            The centre intends to enter into collaborative with ‘Maitreyi’ a vedic village for international staff and students of Louisville University to take up short courses, like ayurvedic treatment, vedic chanting, ayurvedic cookery & naturopathy.